Bel Canto


Thursday, January 24 during FLEX (2:18-3:16): rehearsal for Bel Canto & Varsity Choirs

Monday, February 11    7:50-8:20 AM rehearsal for Varsity Choirs & Bel Canto in EPAC

Monday, February 11    8:00 PM Concert (7:30 PM attendance) in EPAC

Wednesday, February 20     Lake Conference Treble Choir Festival
 Trip to Eden Prairie High School
Leave EHS at 7:15am; return to EHS around 1:45pm
Permission slip with trip details will be distributed in class soon!


Attendance at all rehearsals is required.  If you must miss a rehearsal, a written note signed by a parent/guardian must be given to your director prior to missing the rehearsal.  If you are home ill during the day of the rehearsal, please have a parent/guardian email or call your director explaining your absence.  If you are attending school on the date of these rehearsals, it is expected that you are present at the before-school rehearsals (please try not to schedule doctor and dentist appointments on these days if possible).  Absences without prior notification will result in zero points. Thank you in advance for being responsible!


All choir members will be issued a choir robe with a stole.  Please wear any white t-shirt with shorts and black flats. Wearing the assigned attire is part of the concert grade. More details will be given as the concert approaches.


The Winter Concert is in EPAC.  All tickets are general admission and will be sold in the EPAC lobby starting at 7:15 PM the night of the concert.  More information about tickets and the arrival details for choir members will be given as the concert date approaches.

ASSIGNMENT DUE Friday, January 11 (50 POINTS):

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