Fall 2019 Welcome Letter


Dear Edina Choir families,

We are thrilled to welcome you to a new school year! There are over 500 students singing in one of our seven curricular choirs this year, and our calendar is full of exciting events, trips, and performances.

Edina Choirs have a long tradition of excellence dating back to 1949 when Edina High School opened. EHS choirs have consistently done well both at state competitions and national festivals, garnering many awards. We are part of a Music Department that received the Minnesota Music Educators Association Exemplary Program Award in 1998, and received national recognition as a "GRAMMY Signature School" in 2005 & 2007 from the GRAMMY Foundation® and the Edina Public Schools Music Program received the NAMM Outstanding Communities for Music Award in 2012.

There are many reasons for this success: supportive administration, good facilities, and a fantastic elementary and middle school music program are all important factors. However, what really makes the EHS Choirs special are fantastic, devoted students, and incredibly supportive parents.

Please read the remainder of this page. Your attention toward the following important information is needed:

  1. Handbook and syllabus

  2. Mandatory dates and times for each choir

  3. Required fees

  4. Edina Choir Boosters membership

  5. Volunteer needs

As we begin the 70th year of Edina Choirs, we look forward to your involvement in this special program, and we thank you for your support!


Christopher J. Piela Scott M. Lehrke Serina L. Jolivette
Director Director Director

#1. Handbook & Syllabus Assignment
(Due September 20)

The first assignment of the year is for each student to review the choir department handbook and syllabus with a parent. Please click the following link to read the handbook. Then, complete the electronic form at the end of the handbook to complete the assignment.


#2. Mandatory DATES & TIMES

Each choir has specific required dates and times outside the school day. Attendance at these functions is mandatory as outlined in the department handbook. Please click the appropriate link for your choir, and record the dates and times on your family and personal calendars.

9th Grade SSA Choir

9th Grade TTB Choir

Varsity SSA Choir

Varsity TTB Choir

Bel Canto


Concert Choir

#3. Required Fees (due September 20)

Required: ATTIRE FEE

If you have multiple EHS Choir students, you may pay for each of their attire fees in one transaction by adding multiple quantities here. You will indicate names and grade-levels at checkout.

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The 2019-2020 attire fee includes two parts:

  1. The Robe Maintenance Fee ($10) which allows us to replace, repair or upgrade our choir robes.  The robes are worn for the first two concerts and other formal events. 

  2. All Choir Members will need to purchase a t-shirt for the spring concerts ($13) as part of the costume set.

You may pay the attire fee to the right via PayPal (an online convenience fee of $0.81 applies), or you can print this form, enclose payment, and send with your student to class.

Financial assistance is available. Please complete this form if you would like to request a scholarship.

Click here for a paper version of the fee form.

#4. Edina Choir Boosters Membership

EHS Choir Boosters Membership for 2019-2020
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We invite all families to consider joining the Edina Choir Boosters for the 2019-2020 school year. Edina Choir Boosters is the independent, non-profit organization that provides financial support for enhancements to the Edina Choral Program, grades 6 through 12. It is a fully-recognized 501(c)(3) charity.

Each secondary school maintains its own individual booster fund; contributions to each fund remain in that school’s choir program.

Thanks to Edina High School Choir Boosters, we have been able to purchase video and audio equipment, as well as additional classroom and performance materials to enhance student learning. In addition, the generous support of our booster members provides several need-based scholarships each year for students who wish to pursue additional singing experiences.

All contributions to Edina Choir Boosters are tax-deductible. For tax purposes, donors will receive an acknowledgement receipt prior to the end of the current calendar year. Booster members are also acknowledged in all concert programs.

If interested, you may purchase a 2019-2020 EHS Choir Boosters membership to the right via PayPal, or you can print this form, enclose payment, and send with your student to class.

(Please note: this membership is only for the Edina High School fund of the Edina Choir Boosters; it does not apply to South View or Valley View Choirs).

Thank you for your generosity!

Click here for a paper version of the booster form.

#5. Parent Volunteer Needs & Opportunities

We are grateful for the many parent volunteers who help our events run smoothly. There are a number of volunteer needs at various times during the year, so please consider helping at at least one choir event this year. If you are interested in helping, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you several weeks ahead of the event with more information.

Please note: filling out this form only expresses your interest and does not necessarily commit you to volunteering. We will contact you to schedule volunteer shifts.

Thank you for your assistance!

Final Step: Checkout

Thank you for your attention to the five steps above! If you added any items to purchase, please click below now to proceed to your cart for checkout.