Varsity Choir SSA (Piela)

Happenin’ 2019 SCHEDULE

Friday, May 3 (Bel Canto and VCSSA only) 7:25-8:20 AM Fick

Monday, May 6 (all choirs) 6:30-9:30 PM Fick (dress rehearsal in costume)

Tuesday, May 7 (all choirs) 3:30-4:40 PM Fick (large group songs – no costumes)

Tuesday, May 7 (special acts only) 4:40 PM Fick (special acts in concert order)

Wednesday, May 8 (all choirs) 3:30-4:40 PM Fick (large group songs – no costumes)

Wednesday, May 8 (special acts only) 4:40 PM Fick (special acts in reverse order)

Thursday, May 9 7:00 PM Concert 1 attendance at 6:30 PM

Friday, May 10 7:00 PM Concert 2 attendance at 6:30 PM

*The May 6 rehearsal will include a complete run through of the entire show with all large group and small group/solo acts performing.  Costumes needed on Monday, May 6 during class!  Costume list will be available April 1.

Attendance Policy:

Because of our special staging and choreography, attendance at all rehearsals is required.  If you must miss a rehearsal, a written note signed by one of your parents must be given to your director prior to missing the rehearsal.  If you are home ill during the day of the rehearsal, please have your parents email us or call your director and leave a message explaining your absence.  If you are attending school on the date of these rehearsals, it is expected that you are present at the before school rehearsals. (please try not to schedule doctor and dentist appointments on these days).  Absences without prior notification will result in zero points. Thank you in advance for being responsible! Each rehearsal is worth 100 points.

Concert Dress:

You will be given a separate sheet that specifies exactly what you will wear for each choir number by April 1.  There will be several costume changes during the show. The two choir rooms will be used for costume changes.

Concert and Ticket Information:

Please arrive by 6:30 PM to the choir room for both Happenin’ Concerts.  All costumes must be placed in your assigned costume change room prior to reporting to the choir room at 6:30.  Attendance will be taken and we will warm-up at 6:35. Ticket orders will be available online via “Seat Yourself” two weeks before the concerts. (Directions will be emailed in April)

ASSIGNMENT DUE Friday, March 29 (50 points):

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