2017-2018 Activities Registration for all choir students due 12/1/2017

All Edina High School students who participate in school-sponsored activities, including athletics and fine arts, must complete the annual registration that satisfies both EHS and MSHSL requirements. Curricular choirs (choirs that meet during the school day) have no activities registration fee in this process, but online registration must be completed by December 1.

Please use the following directions to complete your student's registration by December 1.

If you have questions regarding the registration process, please contact the EHS Activities Office. Thank you for your help completing this important requirement for our students.

-David Henderson, Christopher Piela, Scott Lehrke, directors


Registration Directions for Choir
(during-the-school-day choir classes)

1 – go to https://ehsactivitiesandathletics.registryinsight.com/
2 – click on the “start your registration” box
3 – read the step 1 league rules and click “next”
4 – login page: under Full Year Activities, click on “Fine Arts” then click on “Choir”
5 – click the cart icon next to Choir (co-curricular - $0.00)
6 – log in with your login name and password

Login Name= Student ID Number (6 digit student id number).
Password = Student's date of birth (6 digit format, no dashes).
As an example a birth date of May 1, 2000 would have a default password of 050100.

If there are login issues, please contact Joe Burger in the activities office at 952-848-3817 or joseph.burger@edinaschools.org

7 – choose the student you are registering and click “next”
8 – fill out the eligibility waivers and electronically sign (both students and parents) – click “next”
9 - fill out the health questionnaire and electronically sign (both students and parents) – click “next”
10 – fill out the emergency information form and click “next”
11 – review information and click “check-out”
12 – print your receipt if you wish – it does not need to be turned in